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Question-whitescoring scoring scoring

by Angela M Glahn - Oct 19, 2011 Star_s2,911 views

what is the best way to score to get stars. Is it popping a lot of bubbles or trying to pop the bubbles on that last row in a few short tries? I have tried both and am not getting better results.

So are there any tricks to this?

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12-em-plus add reply

@sue at the end of the game you get half of the bubbles you got left over to bounce for points


the trick is to try and knock down lots of bubbles at one time .. but you need spiders at the bottom for them to bounce on to get points.. so sometimes you may need to make smaller matches just to keep from loosing your spiders but keep in mind what color is up next that will help you decide on where to place the bubbles .. good luck


I believe that the game is fixed - there are too many times that I have got to the end and the pot says I have 15 tries left yet it only gives 8 balls.. Why is that I wonder.. I'm sure the scores would be higher if the right amount of bubbles come out at the very end!

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