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Question-whitewhat the mission "start down the right path" says??

by Ezgi Şengül - Oct 21, 2011 Star_s2,357 views

I have a problem to complete a mission. the title of mission says "start down the right path" (looks like a to do list) and it requires to plant ten of heart flower and magic lamb far it's ok but as the third step it says "place 1 deco items into your inventory" (they have an artist's palette&brush image for this step as they do for deco shop)..well, I think I don't understand what the third step means because although I bought lots of decotation items to get happiness points it still says mission is incompleted:/ could it be stucked??

could anyone who gets what i mean help me pls..?

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12-em-plus add reply

Thanks, it worked for me too : )


it worked!!
thanx a lot! :)


On the bottom / right of your screen where you can view all your plants in your inventory - notice those plants are actually under a "plant' tab. There are also tabs for products & items.

Pick up any decoration (deco) item from your farm, and drop it here. It will go into your inventory in the Item tab, and your quest will update instantly. You can store items here, place on your farm at will, etc. This is a great location for all the baby items you create that take up valuable real estate space.

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