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Light-bulbSnag Bar Stopped Working

by Judy Sparks - Oct 28, 2011 Star_s73 views

My snag bar stopped working just a couple of hours ago which is what brought me back to GU today... when I clicked on it, it just did nothing, but had been working fine up until 20 minutes prior .... I looked up some of the possibilities and even pondered the possibility that I snagged too much... but It only took me a little while to figure out that if I downloaded it again it might work ... Low and behold... Downloading it again worked and I am up and running again.

I don't have an explanation as to why it stopped in the first place but at least downloading again worked for me..

If you want to try to re-download copy and paste in address window.. it will take you right to it, just so you won't have to search all over like i did.

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