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Light-bulbTop posters of the week (Oct 28th) Halloween Edition

by Amy Wong - Oct 28, 2011 Star_s1,358 views

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloweeeen!! On Gamers Unite! we are going to celebrate by announcing the top posters of the week! :D

Adventure World

Many people were stuck with the Poacher Ploy this week, and if you were one of them, I'm sure you found this beautiful Expedition Poacher Ploy - Solution Guide by Allison Coyle extremely helpful! Hands down one of the best guides out there, she has BEAUTIFUL formatting with lots of screenshots, probably even more professional than the official guide if there were any! :D I don't play Adventure World but reading this guide actually made me want to play!

The part where people seem to have got stuck the most in this Poacher Play was not being able to go down to the center camping area as the grappling hook didn't seem to work. Seems like where you stand is very important to deploy the hook and Clare D. Lyon was one of the first to have a great tip on how to do this! Thanks for all the others who left tips on that thread too!

Pioneer Trail

As always, our super mod Tonya Jones Collins was busy keeping us updated with new quests.  The Haunted Homestead - Tarot Card Sweepstakes got the most views in the last 2 weeks but go check out the other latest quests that are stickied on the front page of our Frontierville Forum.


Quests are getting harder and harder on Farmville so knowing what's coming ahead is absolutely necessary to finish them these days. As always, our super Top Posters Teresa Donald and Albar Wahab gave us a scoop on the upcoming (now released) quests on Released--- Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quests!---Updated 10/17---Reduced Crop Requirements--LINKS included and All New LightHouse Cove Pirate Quests , Chapter 6 Quest Guide ! ( Quests Are Live )

One of the toughest quest in the Halloween Jack-O’Lantern Quest was Mastering the Pumpkin Chicken to Level 1 within the limited time frame. How did you do it? Did you have to pay Farm Cash to apply instant grow? Well, the tip Speed up Harvesting the Pumpkin Chicken for free! by Lorraine Davis might be worth the try! Some say it worked some say it didn't, but it won't hurt to try if you are thinking of using instant grow! (I personally just gave up :P)

Bubble Witch Saga

A very popular question on our Bubble Witch Saga forum was "How to beat Level 40?" Seems like many people were having a very hard time with this level and there were several threads asking how to do this. I honestly don't know the answer as I don't play this game but the tip from Vincent looked like worth to try. Bubble Witch Saga players, please update us on how you beat level 40 and if the tip above worked or not! :)

The Sims Social

Who doesn't like freebies? We had quite a lot of freebies shared by our members and one of the most popular one was Bryan Luis's  FREE halloween gifts ! There are lots more freebies posted almost everyday on the Sims Social forum so go check them out, most of them still work!

Thanks to all of you for sharing great posts and leaving helpful comments and hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

Image credit: Stock.xchg (wow how generous to share for free!)

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12-em-plus add reply

Thank You So Much ! And Congrats To Top Poster and having a bit confusion with Teresa's post , can't leave a comment on it , it says replies are not  availible , hmmm I wonder why?

PS. The pumkin chicken trick might not be working for someone since they are not being able to transfer items between since they didn't finish the english counrty side  quest , same here i didn't finish it so i use items over lap farmville hack to transfer items to my cove and harvest them Tongue Out


Wow Amy! Thanks for your kind words about my guide. I try to put a lot of effort into making them look nice and I'm elated that you notice. I kind of wish the Halloween event for Adventure World came sooner because I'm really trying to go all-out to make themed guides for their new levels. I figured the extra work would be fun and to my understanding they will only do four so it shouldn't be so bad. Maybe Maria would even help me. Anyway, thank you for making me a top poster, I really appreciate it.

I also wanted to say thanks for deleting that comment about hacking Adventure World. It was a long time ago but I always meant to reply with a thank you but never really got around to it. It then got to the point where I felt like it was too late for a reply. So I'm saying it now! Also, a Happy Halloween to you and all of the other top posters!


Congrats to all top posters!!

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