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Light-bulbGreat Tips for Words with Friends

by Tracy Szwec - Oct 29, 2011 Star_s972 views

Words with Friends Tips

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This game has its own "legal" words, which are unheard of, at least to me. qi, qis, qat, qaid, za - and a friend of mine told me I coulda played "cotto" in a different place than I played cotton. However, if you think of quid quo pro and such real terms, you are not able to play the first two of those words. Love the game, though, and am thoroughly addicted. I have recently taken to playing far fewer weird words, as some people get offended when they get beat by an unusual word. I try to play shorter, more common words, but still do the q words and z words that are not really words.


Yes, the TW tiles are amazing!!!


For higher scores, make use of TL and TW tiles. They triple the score of your words.

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