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Light-bulbhelp on level 50

by Deborah Clare-Nazer - Nov 02, 2011 Star_s5,923 views

has anyone been able to pass level 50 at all

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12-em-plus add reply

i still dont understand how to stop those things from spreading


I have no problem in stopping the infection on lvl 50 I have achieved 2 star but still can not advance why??


I'm stuck on level 50 to...got a score of 97,000 and 108,000 and still cannot advance. The score needed for one star is 90,000 so what is the problem?????


You can not stop an infection without a Charm. You can read most of what is needed to know about INFECTION BUBBLE at http://bubble-witch-saga.se/infected-bubbles/


How do you stop them from spreading


So how do you stop them from spreading???


yes ... but now im stuck on level 52 and im about to pull my hair out .. lol only advice i can give for level 50 is to try and use all your potions at one time .. and shoot toward the spreading bubbles to stop them from spreading (concentrate on the spreading bubbles first) once their stopped from spreading the rest is not that hard at all .. just try and stop them from spreading as quick as you can .. if they spread too far down the screen then the screen will never go up for you to see how to complete the level .. hope this made since and helps you ... good luck

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