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Question-whiteGetting past level 55

by Christine Silveira-Mitchell - Nov 04, 2011 Star_s18,568 views

Anyone have any tips for getting past level 55? This is driving me crazy!

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12-em-plus add reply

Press print screen as soon as the field is scrolling up,
play as fast as possible untile the infection bubbles can't go further
then open up windows paint (or any other graph. program)
paste the printscreen and now you can find out which bubble are needed
drop the infection and death bubbles.

good luck


what was Barbara's advice???? I'm so stuck on level 55 bout to pull what hair i have left out


Woo hoo! I just did it to! I've been stuck on it for days but just followed Barbara's advice and just went for it shooting all the bubbles at the bottom as quickly as I could. I bought the webbing charm and used that, also the extra bubbles and extra ceiling holes one, so that I could try and ensure I got as high a score as possible so that I would get through if I managed to clear the bubbles. Scraped through with 129000!


I did it! no aides just plain bubble shooting. I started in the middle and made sure I cleared the bubbles beneath the virus, then just moved on. It sounds simple but it did take me about 40 try's before it worked. I even got a 3star score!


I can't even get the bubbles cleared. That damn virus keeps preventing me from scrolling upwards. I bought the scroll up feature but it doesn't help. I would love to know how you guys are doing it!


I want to know ! I've been stuck on 55 for days(if not weeks!)


I've figured a couple of strategies to clear the board ok... but I can't score enough to get one star. Got 110000 but can't make 120000. :(


me too - I've managed to clear all the bubbles a couple of times, but still not scored enough to get a star. Any hints and tips very welcome!

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