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Light-bulbBubble Witch Saga level 55, helpppp!!!!!

by Wendy Tong - Nov 08, 2011 Star_s41,412 views

Thanks, thanks and thanks!

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Don't give up, read the tips from this thread over again and take your time! Here is also a 3 star video played without any charms. :) 


I have been stuck on level 55, I am considering not playing anymore. It is driving me crazy, this game is a bit to hard and I will not pay to play.


The magic Potions are free, Kelley. Just click on a potion before you are about to enter a board. The game will use the fake money you have collected by sending lives, playing mini games and clicking on links in the wall feed and it will not cost you any real money or FB coins.

Level 55 is hard, but YOU CAN DO IT!


I have tried everyone's tips. I have been stuck on level 55 for 3 weeks now, playing as often as the game lets me. I refuse to pay money for a magic potion to help me win. I am going crazy and am considering not playing anymore.


The great witch Ewa have came up with a strategy that doesn't involve good memory or screen caps. =D You have to be quite skilled and a bit lucky to use it though. http://bubble-witch-saga.se/level-55-additional-tips/


Thank you Nancy, for your great input. Here is mine, I tried to make is as short as possible. http://www.bubble-witch-saga.se/how-to-get-through-level-55/

The instructions are for win, if you need help for LINUX or Mac, just ASK; ASK;ASK!


For Level 55, I have used the print screen method and pasting it into paint also and that works well. I have found if you concentrate on clearing only the right side as far up as you can and ignore the left side then it is easier to clear the left side because the angle is better and that usually helps. You don't need speed because the virus only spreads when you shoot bubbles so take your time. Good luck!


your lucky to have that shortcut. i am so sick of this level. To me it seems like they are forcing you to buy something. A month on this level, A JOKE.


Ok, I just went back and looked. Here's the thing, you need part luck, part speed. The luck part will be getting large groupings of the same color at the bottom on the left and right below the poison bubbles. The speed part is clearing them out before the poison bubbles reach beyond the dark grey bubble channels. If they get below that, they you won't be able to see far enough up to clear out the bubbles above the poison ones, which you need to do in order to get to the top.

One way you can help yourself is to either buy the "charm of scrolling" which lets you scroll up to see the bubbles at the top but costs real life money, OR you can cheat like me and paste a screen shot into Paint. What I do is take a screen shot using my keyboard short cuts as quickly as I can when the bubbles appear (after hitting the PLAY button). The bubbles scroll up, so the sooner you can hit it, the further up you can see. I then open the Paint program on my comp and paste the photo there.

Remember, once you start shooting, the poison bubbles start to spread, then you won't have time to stop and look. So take a moment to study what is above the channels on the left and right that contain the poison bubbles. In any case, once you've cleared out as much as you can, you can go back and forth between the game and the picture as necessary.

With any luck, you can clear out all the bubbles under those channels, and then you can focus on shooting a path up the inside of those channels so you can get them both to drop. Once you do that, its pretty much clear sailing, so long as you didn't use up too many bubbles to start with.

Once you get to the point where you can get those channels to drop regularly, but either run out of bubbles or don't get enough points for a star, then you can safely buy the potion you need to help you. But they are a waste of money until you get to the point that you can get those channels to drop.

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