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Light-bulbGain XP & Energy without spending any.. its FREE!

by Auzaie Rejab - Nov 11, 2011 Star_s1,195 views

Recent MW2 update give several problem to most of us. They changed missions, helping friends isn't working properly - killed boss - friend didnt receive the help...

But beside all the problem i find out now we can gain experience without spending energy. Just visit your lower level neighbors and help them kill their intruder. XP depends on rival level: i overkill lev 15 & got 6 exp + 1 energy + 19 health. overkill same lev. 47 i got +18 exp.

Enjoy free EXP + Energy too & u can visit anyone who play MW2 even they r not your FB friend :)
Check out my turf :

U also can kill & rob your neighbors too by changing the visitId to rivalId - but please do not kill me LoLzz. Do it now before 'they' decide something more stupid for us!

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12-em-plus add reply

Hmmm well she hasn't revived her workers... so I can't do it over and over again. Well the first part was fun.. my infinite loop of killing and reviving doesn't.


Having a blast with this...

turned my rival into a 'visit' so I had the ID number right (I found if you put a random number in and it doesn't go anywhere then it just 'sticks' and goes nowhere.

So I just went to a rival's place as a helper... killed an intruder and healed her workers (a present mission of mine I've had trouble with - Ambulance Call -). Why did I know she had killed workers... I was the one that killed them earlier today! Now I'm going to go back and kill them again... rinse and repeat and I'll have two missions solved (other mission is to kill rivals workers - Disrupt the Supply -)


How are you adding them to your crew Victor ?


Thanks for one of the best MW2 tips ever, now I can locate all the strong players I fight in the arena and add them to my crew.


scroll down - it just below your neighbors icon/picture


how to get my home turf's id/link?

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