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Light-bulbNew Timed Missions - Road Runner Steals Fire, Pecos Bill, Bringin Magic to the Frontier expire Dec 10 2011

by Tonya Collins - Nov 11, 2011 Star_s1,454 views


These missions will be available to players level 8 and above until December 10, 2011

 These are all seperate missions and will probably be released at different times. 

Road Runner Steals Fire!

Well, looky here! Roadrunner, Leader of the Birds, is lookin’ to steal some fire to bring back to the animals. Think you could help him get the fire
and keep it safe on his journey?

Clear 10 Rocks
Chop 40 Trees
Ask for 15 Flaming Branches

Rewards: Roadrunner, 1000 Gold, 1000 XP


Pecos Bill’s Hungry Horse

Pecos Bill’s horse Widow-Maker has a unique appetite: he eats dynamite! But there’s no explosives ’round these parts. How about fixin’ a spicy
corn feed that kicks like a mule instead?

Have or Collect 60 Salsa (harvest tomatoes)... ***Has been changed to 10 
Harvest 90 Corn
Ask for 15 Jalapenos

Rewards: Pecos Bill’s Mountain Lion, 500 Coins, 500 XP



Bringin’ Magic to the Frontier

Sell 40 Adult Sheep
Have or collect two Twine (from flax collection, harvest flax)
Request 20 Spindles

Rewards: ewenicorn sheep , 500 XP, 500 Gold


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12-em-plus add reply

@Cyndi, the singing rock was a reward with the bank upgrade. 


Singing rock?? how did I miss that?


@ Pamela ,I know it doesn't count for the neighbors homestead but it should count on your own. You can get rocks from the clearing collection as well as the singing rock. 


did rocks on my neighbor property, nothing did three on mine, nothing , and they wanted an enormously amount of horseshoes just for 10 rocks, they can keep the Roadrunner


doesn't count trees with one chop


@Alicea, These are all seperate timed missions. I don't know  how long it will be before the second and third are released.


Did first level, second not showing up?


Just what we need new missions!

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