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Light-bulbgetting dragon tower wonder

by Ken Mole - Nov 12, 2011 Star_s4,735 views

I was at level 45 when I decided to go after the dragon. it took some reserch here and after following alot of bad advice, heres how i did it...

1) have atleast 4 stars in all level 3 missions excludeing the pay one. The pay one in not needed.

2) Finish all flashlight mode missions. Just page throw the missions and do all with the red banner.

3) depending on your level and how many of the quests you skiped becawes you did not have the room or wanted to save your coins you must complete some of them, how many im not sure.

4) heres the trick. If you do not have the room to spare but have the coins. Complete the quests. Buying what ever they ask you to and place them. After you get the check mark and message that you completed the quest move what you just placed in to storage and do the next quest. Once you completed A quest you do not have to keep the things in your garden and you save a lot of room.

5) after completeing enough quests, that will depend on how many you skipped, the dragon tower will pop up as a quest.

This worked for me. let me know if it worked for you

ken mol

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