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Light-bulbFarmville Quests ! Past And UpComing

by Albar Wahab - Nov 12, 2011 Star_s20,153 views


                                    Current Quest Guides
       Winter Wonderland Chapter 5 Guide By Marley
      Cocoa Quest Guide By Vanessa        
       Rispoli Feather Quest Guide By Albar       
             Recent Finished Quests
    Ice Scuplture Quest Guide

fairy quest


              Fairy Stump House Quest Guide By Marley

winter wonderland

     Winter Wonderland Chapter 1 Guide By Michal


      Winter Wonderland Chapter 2 Guide By Michal
      Winter Wonderland Chapter 3 Guide By Albar

     Winter Wonderland Chapter 4 Guide By Albar      

     Winter Wonderland Chapter 5 Guide By Marley    

     Winter Wonderland Chapter 6 Guide By Teresa 



              Harvest Hoedown Quest Guide By Rae


                         Apple Bobbing Quest Guide By Marley

       Halloween Jack'O Lantern Quest Guide By Teresa


              Count Duckula Quest Guide By Teresa


                  Candy Bucket Quest Guide By Marley



                             Chapter 1 Quest Guide By Rae

                           Chapter 2 Quest Guide By Michal

                           Chapter 3 Quest Guide By Michal

                           Chapter 4 Quest Guide By Michal

                           Chapter 5 Quest Guide By Albar

                           Chapter 6 Quest Guide By Albar

                           Chapter 7 Quest Guide By Michal

                            Chapter 8 Quest Guide By Albar

                  Current Quest Chapter 9 Quest Guide By Michal

                (Unreleased) Chapter 10 Quest Guide By Marley

    Ice Scuplter Quest Guide By Vanessa

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12-em-plus add reply

I would like mor eupdates on future quests if possible. I hope farmville lets us have more land for coins soon in Winter Wonderland. I don't think next quest is even possible on 230 plots.


Any more news about upcoming quests beyond Chapter 7 WW and the Feb 9 "stinky pig" quest? Thanks.


Albar can you add the ones that are not released yet pls.. i have lost count


Ohhhhhh I Forgot About This , Will yUpdate This Today . Starting


Rae if this is not updated then it should be taken off..


@Aditya .... Vanessa ???? Really ???
hehe i know that dirty guy , his posts have been sucessfully removed 


wtf!!!!!! dude remove that crap below!!!


its out there.. tina look on the sticky


Can u please do a link for the Lighthouse Cove Quest 10. I haven't seen anyone do links for this one. TY:)


@Michal why yes i will but ... the problem is i can't open my photo shop :( Have to use photo scape and its results aren't good enough



On the Home farm it will be probably Penguin Escapade, on the LC it will be last chapter of the cove and on the WW there are already 2 chapters preveiws posted. I'm sure Albar Will soon update this post.


And what will be after the bonfire quest?


I love this thread. Really helpful, especially as I'm one of those who has failed all previous quests because I can't publish for help from friends. Thank you very much x


@Rae OOOO Okay :)


This replaces my old sticky that kept a record of past and current quests. It does look better than my mine! Thanks Albar. I figure this way if Zynga ever opens the old quests up for new players we have a list of them.

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