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Question-whitehow to complete downtown

by Bernie Jimenez - Nov 13, 2011 Star_s1,939 views

anybody finished downtown? what is the last mission? i'm stuck in a daily/repeatable mission that will give me 8x and 2x building permit...

any comments!

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12-em-plus add reply

Before i start i play only on the ipad which i could play it even its offline. And thats the thing i finish it.. Im here because i want to find out whats the prize. Then i found out that downtown missions are repeatable. It means that i finish it in a glitchy way or somewhat.And yeah, i see the one of comments here about the robot guy. It come from the cure. Once you finish it you could get that. But it says next is about the towns people guys. Maybe they finish it because the cure is the last mission. Well yeah thats all. Sorry on my grammar if you notice it wrong. Its not my main language


Landscape in store? I can't find it


go to landscape in store buy a exspansion to your hood will let you buy more buildings


I'm stuck in this situation as well. I am at level 55 and have been doing the repeatable missions for a few days now. I have 1,500,000+ coins, all buildings are complete as well as everything else on downtown that needed repair. Getting bored and may quit soon.


Same here on finishing downtown, keep bugging my friends every day to increase production on the finished buildings and use the daily mission for more city contracts, but there seems to be no end to it. every day I post the neighbors and contracts, and then when I collect, the buildings ask for more contracts and more friends.
I do have some neighbors that seem to have it all finished. The ground is broken away from downtown and all the others, and they have the big yellow robot, as well as the townspeople standing around at their house. Maybe I will try messaging them through Facebook.


I have been doing those same repeatable missions for a bout 2 weeks now, got so bored i thought about giving up the game.....all my buildings r finished and all repairs are done to date

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