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Light-bulbCastleVille Rewards & Free Items (Updated With More Items)

by Albar Wahab - Nov 15, 2011 Star_s130,147 views


Thanks For Tony For Letting Me Add His Links To This Post Laughing
If You Want Your Friends To Get These Aswell And Earn Free Ty From Them , Simply Share This :) >>> Share


  Castle Topiary      Hyper Craft    Exploration Crystal  Archery Target   500 Coins


    Gold Bar              Marble Fountain          Fountain          Golden Fish Fountain


       Cannon        Queen's Silver Statue     Morning Glory     GMA Flag Pole     


Blue Bonnet   Exploration Crystal 2   Hyper Craft 2   Exploration Crystal 3


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thank you! :)


thank you very much.


thank u so very much :) i love your site, very resourceful and exciting.


Thanks for the gifts as I used them in my Castleville. It helped me a lot. Keep up the good work.


thank u helps a lot!!


Thanks this is awesome! send some love!!!


i really wish i could get the GMA Flag Pole. missed out on it


thank you


ty so much I had already gotten some of them nice to get them all.


thx , this helps!


more more more... :)


Thank you so much i love these and i received them!!!!


Thank You soooo VERY VERY VERY much for all of the free goodies I can not thank you enough for them :) You are a very very sweet person to offer these to all of us gamers I have shared this page so that others can share in your genorosity as well. And again thank you so much sweetie :)

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