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Light-bulbShaman Respect Missions - Thunder Moon Comes to the Frontier

by Tonya Collins - Nov 15, 2011 Star_s1,410 views

Request Links:

 Smudge Fan

Prayer Feather

Moccasin Sole

Long Burning Log

Main Missions:

I. Runnin To Dad
Have a Shaman Lodge (no parts required if you have)
Harvest 30 Flax
Collect 10 Kippy's Belts (req item)
Rewards: 300 xp 500 coin and Holstein Cow

II. Earn Your Feathers
View Respect Meter (inside Shaman Lodge)
Complete 4 Wikiwah Repeatable Missions
Tend a Spirit Eagle on your Homestead (receive one when your respect reaches 500)
Rewards: 1000 coin 1000 xp and 4 Spirit Vision Mystery Boxes


Respect Missions (Repeatable)  

These missions give you respect which allow you to earn new items! Unlike previous missions they can all be done at the same time.

Tame the Wild Frontier
Find and Tame an Injured Otter
Tend 20 Adult Moose on your Homestead
Tend 20 Adult Sheep on Neighbors Homesteads
Rewards: 300 xp, 25 Tribal Respect, 600 coins

Respect the Tribe
Make an Offering in the Shaman Lodge (click Prepare to view requirements)
Harvest 40 Peas
Harvest 30 Apricot Trees
Rewards: 600 xp, 75 Tribal Respect, 1 Spirit Vision Mystery Crate

Living Off the Land
Craft 2 Native Moccasins (craft inside Shaman Lodge)
Clear 10 Rocks
Clear 15 Stumps
Rewards: 900 xp, 125 Tribal Respect, 2 Spirit Vision Mystery Crates







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12-em-plus add reply

I need to Tend Neighbor Peas. Who has some?


I am not a fan either, its ridiculous! I think Zynga is too lazy to come up with new missions, so they are using the repeating missions to keep us occupied.


I know and these will have to be completed several times. What's even worse is the one with the Otter is causing problems.  I found my otter, requested the milk and then had to refresh. When I came back I still had the missions but my Otter was MIA. It wouldn't let me click to find another one so another chat with support. Many players have having the same issue. When I started the mission over I found the little guy and he seems to have stayed this time. Hopefully I will be able to finish before he dissapears again.


I have to admit I am not a fan of all these repeat missions, we have had quite a few of them lately where you have to repeat 2 or 3 misisons each 3 times.

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