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Question-whiteNo friends available to help me to break spell

by Nannie Sims - Nov 16, 2011 Star_s5,461 views


sorry if I don't use the right words, but my game is in french, so I'll try and translate. Here is my problem : there's a gang of ghosts blocking my way past level 25 and the game says to me that I'm supposed to ask 3 friends to help me "break the spell" (translation) or pay (not a valid option as far as I'm concerned). But when I reach the fb popup where (I guess) I can choose the said friends, the list is empty but for a "Search..." mention and a "loading..." just below, and nothing.

So. I see fb "friends" walking on the map and as I didn't see anything in the game that I could use to ask them to be my neighbours Bubble Witch Saga, I thought it was automatic as long as they played too.

But if it is so then what happens ? Why can't I select them and ask for help ?

Thanks in advance...

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Sorry that I didn't answer sooner but I couldn't find this thread (nor this forum, for that matter). Well, it seems it was a temporary glitch as I've been able to get friends to help me a few days ago. (To no good result to say the truth as I'm blocked just a few levels above...*sigh*)

Anyway thank you again for trying to help me... And thank you for your tip on the right clicking, I 'll remember this if it ever happens again on this game or another...


should say too, that this works with firefox


I have the same problem with the mini box.

Just go on the blue top line of the box. Then click the right mouse key and go to the pop up menu "This frame" and open it in a new tab. then you see everything. :)




This morning it's a bit better. I don't have the "loading" anymore I have a list of my friends but so small I can barely see a line of them and even with the scroll bar I can't scroll to the bottom (see join picture). And when I try and tick some of them nothing happens. The fb window closes and that's it. No message on my friends wall.

So I guess it's a bug and all there is to do is wait for the developers team to solve it. Soon I hope because I really like this little game and though I still have fun trying to improve my score on the current levels, I'd like to explore a new area...

Anyway, thanks in advance...

PS : by the way, I'm on firefox and I've tried with explorer, and I can't even zoom on the map (and that's after I've installed flash 11, before that, just plain blank screen). So I guess it's back to firefox. I didn't try any other browser. If someone can share his/her experience it'll be welcome...


Please add me, and be my friend. i am using firefox and safari


Sometimes it is a browser problem. Did you try to start the game in another browser?
Firefox, Google chrome (I use it), Opera, Internet Explorer


I'm in the same position - have two friends that have broek the spell but it's now blocking me from requesting or helping - so not sure what to do now !!!!

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