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Question-whiteThanksgiving mission- can't request things

by Lauri Knowles - Nov 20, 2011 Star_s125 views

When I request things,like creamy butter, nothing happens. It doesn't ask me to choose friends or post to my wall. Just doesn't do anything. Makes it kind of hard to complete the mission when you can't request what you need.

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12-em-plus add reply

Having the same trouble :(


Sorry about the link not working must of time out, anyway dont look for a report ticket refresh a few time's and you should get a chat link in the upper right of your screen, if not just click on one of the reports and find the email and use that,


I am having the same issue and I am trying to report a ticket on Zynga... I have been looking for over half hour and I can't find where to post a trouble ticket or initiate chat! RRRR. Thanks for the link Chris, but it does not work for me. Good luck everybody!

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