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Question-whiteOne Click gifts not working

by Lynn Preste McGinnis - Nov 20, 2011 Star_s157 views

I haven't seen a recent post about this. My one click game page is a little funky. When I click accept all, they accept in seconds...much faster than usual. When you reload the page, they're still there. I have almost 200 when I usually get about 20 or so in a day. Today, a new window opened when I clicked accept all. It looked like I was manually accepting them. The three I accepted this way were the only ones I had when I opened my game. I submitted this question a few weeks ago and never received a response from support. Maybe I'll get one now?!! Thanks!

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12-em-plus add reply

mine has not been working for about a week now, this sux lol ive tried to removing the app and accept all is not showing up on the side of my FB game page Grrrr as for some gifts staying just remove/ delete them so more gift can show up, and then you can claim the new gifts, Ive been doing this for well over a month now like about 2 months

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