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Light-bulbOfficial FarmVille sites approved by Zynga

by Bebe Lee - May 28, 2010 Star_s4,375 views

There are eight FarmVille sites that are officially approved by Zynga. Zynga states that it's only safe if you visit these official authorized sites for information.
FarmVille on
FarmVille Fan Page:
FarmVille Forums:
FarmVille Twitter:
FarmVille Podcast:
FarmVille Game Bar:
Shop FarmVille:

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I need the link to send Zynga a message about my missing Farmvillle cash. Monday night I upgraded my Hawaii farm to 24x24 for 140,000 coconuts. And it took my coconuts plus 80 Farmville cash. There were two options one for 140,000 coconuts and one for 80 in Farmville cash. I checked the one to buy the upgrade with the coconuts. And it took BOTH!!! What's the deal with this. I keep having farmville cash and other items missing alot from my far. I need a link to contact Zynga about it.


Lovin' the toolbar!!!


i lke this toolbar

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