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Light-bulbIs there web site for farm cash

by Angela Smith - Nov 20, 2011 Star_s104 views

I was wondering is there is a web site for discounted fc that is known to be trustworthy? Or is there some way to get discounted or free farmcash

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12-em-plus add reply
Picture?type=square sells itams coins levels and farmcash with a big discount :)


Only way is to wait for Zynga to give a promo. They are giving 10% rather regulary but I saw 50% too. The thanksgiving is coming so they may use it as a reason to give a discount. Also sometimes on Ebay there were discounts for Zynga game cards which is same thing really. There are many sites that offer items for lower prices or giving the farms with 250 cash but those are ppl that level up the dummy accounts often using a bot. As they are 3rd party and doing something that Zynga consider breaking the ToU it's hardly safe thing to do.

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