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Light-bulbA horse for Coins and some Horse Talk

by Rae Hall - Nov 21, 2011 Star_s188 views

A Horse in the market right now for coins. It's the Black Paint horse for 3 million coins. Other new horses are the Ornament Horse and the Canadian Horse both for cash.

The mystery game has the Maple Pegasus Horse.


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12-em-plus add reply


I can't say I ever expected myself to say it but I think I would prefer the horse for the farm cash. I guess if I really set my mind on the task I could probably get 3 milions in 3-4 days but how many players can say the same? Now Zynga IMO encourage ppl to use belted cow trick or other loopholes to earn coins.


You mean that's not a good deal LOL



wow... so I need only 13kk *prepares to rob a bank*


next land expansion for 10 mil lmao


still chuckling over the 3 mil..

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