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Light-bulbHoliday Hogknocker Timed Missions - That's Some Pig, The Trouble with Truffles, Bringing Home the Bacon

by Tonya Collins - Nov 21, 2011 Star_s2,572 views

Holiday Hogknocker Missions 

These are all timed missions and there will most likely be a delay between release of ecah mission.


That’s Some Pig (you will have 5 days to complete)

Harvest 100 Wheat on YOUR HOMESTEAD

Find 25 Fuzzy Peaches

Collect 15 Holiday Slop

Tip: Get slop from your friends

rewards: hogknocker crate + 500XP


The Trouble With Truffles (must be level 22+)

Collect 25 Truffles

Tend 60 Adult Spotted Pigs

Collect 30 Hog Calls

Tip: Truffles are found by chopping trees

reward:hogknocker crate + hogknocker piglet + 1000 XP


Bringing Home The Bacon (must be level 90+)

Collect 50 Holiday Hog Tracks

Sell 75 Adult Giant Hogs

Harvest 50 Super Corn

Tip: Find Hog Tracks by Clearing Grass

rewards: hogknocker crate+ hogknocker mount + 25000 XP


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12-em-plus add reply

i have harvested 18 super corn in my green house and they havent counted toward my total 50 plus i have 9 more planted in there!!!!!!!


so far I have planted 980 clover and only have 33 hogtracks Frown


took a little over 2 hr's but got 50 this is by far the easiest of the hog missions,


Can't tell you how many clover I have cleared, but I got 7 in one day so I guess I'll just keep plodding along to get my 50


spoke to soon just got 8 from sec batch of 50 clover


Not found a Hog track yet cleared about 100 clover Grrr finding a lot of other stuff tho Not 1 hog track


the mission says clover not grass... its very hard to find hog tracks!!!!


I have heard it takes a ton of clover for the hog tracks! I had 75 adult hogs and sold them and it didn't coun't towards the mission, so needless to say support ended up completing it for me . It beats the point of playing if they are always having to fix my missions but lately they seem to have done more of them than I have, lol  


Not a single hog track yet for me either...Does anyone have any idea how to complete this part of the mission?


nothing from clearing grass either .........even tried on neighbours and got nothing!!

has anyone managed to get hog tracks yet?


i have the 3rd part of the mission and it says i have to find hog tracks by clearing clover?!
off to try clearing grass as i cleared nearly 100 clover and didn't have anything from it.........


I have the second part, finished the hogs calls finished tend spotted pigs (always have adults pigs on hand just in case) but I'm having trouble getting the truffles to fall from chopping trees and clues???


It started rolling out this afternoon. I have a few friends with it already.  Zynga support did say to not expect the 3rd part to roll out automatically after the second either, so there is going to be a delay between them.  


i havent received the 2nd part either and its been almost a week


I haven't received the second part yet but its most likely your own. 


Do these have to be MY spotted pigs, and not a neighbors? Wow, glad I read this since I had to get mastery to get the spotted ones, now have to raise them all from babies before I can tend the adults. Hopefully by time I raise all of these to adults I can unlock the other ones so I can raise them to adults in time to sell them...


I got this mission yesterday afternoon and I accepte it. It went away and have not been able to get it back to get started. Anyone know what to do? Contacted Zynga but of course, no response yet.


Wow this is a lot of stuff to get, sell 75 adult pigs and after you sell them all you need to tend another 150 lol



No word just yet 


when does this mission start? I finneshed all my missions and waiting for new ones now :)

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12-em-plus add reply