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Question-whiteLevel 37 borked, Bubble Witch Saga.

by Jo Couture - Nov 23, 2011 Star_s2,123 views

Despite clearing lvl 37 several times with more than what is needed, I keep getting the message no more bubbles left. Friends have cleared it with less. Its cost me quite a few hearts to keeping clearing it for no result, no pass go, no lovely 38. Any chance of this being fixed any time soon? x

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12-em-plus add reply

Clear out your cache and try again. You will unfortunately have to make another at least one star to move on. People tells that someone hav dad to repeat the procedure up to five times to get this bug over with.


I have just completed the level with three stars and approximately 122,000 points and IT STILL WILL NOT LET ME MOVE ON!!!!! What can I do to fix this?


I had to get 3 stars to get past it, finally did it!


I have had this happen to me too. I have gotten over the required amount and never advanced. Frustrating!

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