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Light-bulbHow to easily get resources

by Joseph Nguyen - Nov 23, 2011 Star_s8,570 views

For stone, you should buy only wooden walls, because with your saved stone, you may replace them with towers. I should've done this too, but I was obsessed with building walls and never really had many towers... You also should also check your stone mines frequently, (You probably already do that, but just to throw that out). Also, you should mine stone with villagers. They are located around your empire.

*If you're abundent with one resource, replace them with gold with a market. Then use that gold to gain the resource you are poor in.

For gold, you should explore the world. At level 7 you will be able to buy a boat, BUY IT! Once you get the boat, you may explore the world! You will be able to sail to islands and once and island is completed you will gain 1000+ gold. But if you play an island once, you will have to wait 4 hours to play it again ;(. Another way to get gold is to attack other empires, you might get haters, but also lots of gold ;D. You can also gain it from mines (same like the stone, you should check your mines frequantly.) You may mine gold around your empire, but following these tips that won't be VERY neccesary..

For wood, you should use the market and chop wood with your villagers. Wood isn't a very valuabe resource, but you'll need it for houses. Like I said before you should always check on your lumber mill. Lumber will be very scarce once you start the game, but around level 28 getting wood will be a piece of cake. You may also use the >Allies Market<, but using it is a hassle!

For food, you should build at LEAST 7 farms and always capture sheeps and cows. Food may be the hardest resource to get, but if you read these tips you'll be rich with food. And the only thing you should be wasting food on is on units. You may also use the >Allies Market< to get any of the resources, but waiting 24 hours and asking all of your friends is a pain, so i dont recomend using this Market.

For easy xp, if you are low level than buy decorations, but if you are a high level, than you should explore the world with your boat! And for the HIGHER levels the Zepellin ^_^. You can almost get xp from anything, but only a little. If you're not like me than you have friends in you're Neighbors list! Visit them daily to get free xp!

Happy Empiring ^_^ Dedicated to: Jenny Nguyen ily! :)

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12-em-plus add reply

Sell the food and buy the stone in Market II


My lace has 847,195 food and i have less stone so how do i get stone quicker than that!

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