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Question-whiteCasteville crashing as soon as I turn it on

by Lydia F Kaskowski - Nov 23, 2011 Star_s4,109 views

AS soon as Castleville is on, and I want to play, it freezes, gets all blury and I try to restart it and it always happens after a few seconds, its frustrating. Yesterday it was good, today I can't play.

Anyone else with this problem? ty

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12-em-plus add reply

Does anyone know if this happens if you play at instead of fb?


Castleville doesn't run at all for me. Maybe because I run Linux 64 bit, I wonder?


For me the problem is not the game request, the game.
I use ubuntu linux. And I think the newest flash player for windows functionality is not fully compatible with the newest flash player for linux functionality. :(
I tried it in Virtual Box with Windows in it. Well, it worked longer than before but after a few minutes the windows run out of virtual memory.


It is freezing all the time after a few minutes. I get gray screen, I think flash died.
I tried to use on Ubuntu w Firefox, Chrome... No luck and no windows :(


Yes, same here for 2 days now, I haven;t been able to play. Oh well, another game to block. Getting sick of it happening to EVERY zynga game EVERYDAY.


looks as though I posted too soon, a lot of others are having this issue as well. You can find the posts on the zynga community forums

I hope this helps so you can get back to the game :)


it sounds like your gift requests are trying to open and getting stuck, try clicking on the little envelope on the top right corner and see if it helps

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