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Question-whiteHow to make Izadora's Wine?

by Reem Aleem - Nov 24, 2011 Star_s562 views

Any one knows how to make Izadora's wine to finish Quest.

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12-em-plus add reply

it's not there :(


I finally figured it out. The wine will not appear in your inventory until you officially accept the quest. If you only look at the quest requirements without clicking accept, it will not show up...but it's immediately deposited into the materials section of your inventory once you click to accept.


I don't have it in my inventory either. I've looked item by item multiple times and it is not there. It must be a bug..


I can't find it in my inventory. when does it appear?


Actually, that isn't the case for me, either. I have looked thru my inventory several times, and mine still isn't there, either. Anyone else have any ideas?


you find it in your inventory, there's no need to make it

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