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Light-bulbWhat's after Tony??

by Dominique J. Freeman - Nov 24, 2011 Star_s1,159 views

ok i am done killing tony!!! now my mission log only shows the collection mission(crates,workers,money etc)!!! though wen i check my map it shows

Casino Row 87%

Granite square 85%

Bluebird meadows 77%

Boxer island 88%

Boneyard 87%

Everything else is 100%!!
but when i go to these cities there are absolutely no new missions available!!! what do i do now apart from collecting and killing rivals??

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12-em-plus add reply

I have the same issue - 87% Casino Row, 96% Granite Square, 100% for the others I have completed
No idea what to do


my situation.. i have no more missionnn NOTHING>! and the same % as u wtf are we supposed to do now?


pvp in the arenas til u get bored and quit

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