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Light-bulbhow to get wood plank

by Ida Danakusuma - Nov 25, 2011 Star_s5,371 views

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Visit this site! There are new items being added all the time : )


Method 1 to Get Wood Plank in CastleVille

Wood planks are manifactured in the Workshop in CastleVille and they require only available Wood 6 pieces. The creation of the Wood Plank takes 1 hour real time and you will need 1 energy point to be able to collect it. Upon receiving the Wood Plank you will also get 1 experience point added.

Method 2 to Get Wood Plank in CastleVille

You can request Wood Planks from your friends individually. When you buy a building like kitchen or workshop, they provide you with an option to ask your friends for wooden planks

Method 3 to Get Wood Plank in CastleVille

Of course if you have available crowns or you are willing to purchase some, you can skip the waiting and obtain the items right away, but we do not recommend that as the Crowns are premium currency in CastleVille and should not be used irresponsibly.

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