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Question-whiteTaj Mahal/Crowning achievement quest

by Brenda Young - Nov 26, 2011 Star_s2,049 views

My next 'to do' thing is to have one taj mahal in the garden. When I go to the wonders it says to 'finish Crowning Achievement, chapter 11 quest' I have finished chapter 11 which is 'Cowboys and India" and no where refers to 'crowning achievement'. I have gone back and repayed each of the Chapter 11 scenes. Saw on a forum online where someone was looking for the king and queen's throne which was needed to be placed for the Crowning Achievement. I did that as well but still nothing!! Anyone have any insight into this?

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Anyone else have a problem with chapter 11? I've gotten all the stars and built the Taj Mahal pool but it doesn't register the pool. I've sold it and rebuilt it and still not working. Any suggestions?!?!?!


you are very welcome! Love when it all falls together! Laughing


Right you are! I was confusing the pool with the wonder. Thank you for your help and time in getting this resolved. Onward and upward!!


The taj mahal pool is not in the wonders tab, it is in artifacts. Dont worry about the hint. go there and I bet you can get it! Its about 15 or 16 clicks to the right...


I am on Chapter 41. I have the first 11 wonders in my garden. I have gone through all the previous chapters and there are no red flags in any of them. The arrow on the left side of the board points to 'crowning achievement'. When I click on that it tells me to have 18 stars in Chapter 11, which I have as all scenes are completed. It also says "have one completed Taj Mahal pool in the garden" There is a hint on the bottom of it that says "Earn more stars by replaying unlocked chapter 11 scenes", They are all unlocked. So I go to the wonders tab to open the wonders and on the bottom of the Taj Mahal Pool it says 'finish quest'. The previous wonders say 'already placed'. I am at a loss what to do. Any suggestions is much appreciated.


Are you saying its locked in artifacts?? This should be available to you if you are level 39. Have you gone thru ALL the chapters to see if there are any red ribbons (pending quests) on any particular scenes? There are many lists for such things like buildings, artifacts, wonders, etc but there has not been one created that lists all the quests required for a specific wonder. I will keep searching to see if I can come up with anything else! 


Thanks Laura for your reply. I can't buy the Taj Mahal Pool because it tells me to finish the quest first. Chapter 11 is finished and I have replayed all the scenes just for good measure. Any other suggestions?


Did you buy and place the taj mahal pool?

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