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Question-whiteOut of rocks?

by Amber Link - Nov 26, 2011 Star_s615 views

Has anyone else run out of rocks? I've had to mine all of them to build stone blocks for everything and now I'm out. I know I can buy more but they are $1000 for each rock you can mine 8 times and I have to get at least 30 rocks for my current quest. Has this happened to anyone else?



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12-em-plus add reply

you can mine your neighbors rocks


Building mining camps is the most efficient way to collect rocks. Add a few rocks from the market to get the 50% bonus for placing the camps next to the rocks.


I've been going to nonactive neighbors to mine rock.


You can purchase Rock (1000 gold), and Rock Pile (4000 gold) from the market (Nature -> Miscellaneous)


Can you get rocks on neighbors land?

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