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Light-bulbQuest Glitch - Finish Quests Free! (Fixed - Postpone Removed - 12/7/11)

by Andrew Blosser - Nov 29, 2011 Star_s11,194 views

NOTE: This does not work with quest givers that can't be postponed.

Accept Quest.
Wait a bit for game to save.
Accept quest before game fully loads.

-One quest giver at a time or it seems to not work.... (or will it?)
----Confirmed working with two quest givers at one time.

It appears some quest peices won't skip, but partial parts of quests will be skipped.
(See second picture)

Doing it on my dummy accounts and is working fine for Yvette.
It has something to do with postponing quests, as accepting it for the first time is not skipping anything.(Would have been great to skip Alistear's quests, but having his to do with building... might mess up the game)

Works on most of Yvette's quests from the git go, but whenever a quest asks to wall post for items, it will not skip that part of the quest. The other parts of the quest will be done, but you will still have to request items to pass the request part.

*Removed first picture as it can be misleading..., the 2nd picture is good enough for an example.*

Okay, after skipping some of Yvette's quests, it worked and then the "ASK" part of the quest didn't complete for free. Here is a picture of it. Mind you, I only bought 1 Dye kit to make a tailor, and I only have 2 peacocks.

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When doing a Quest where you have to make Candy Bars I make them but not getting credit for them .
In gloom watch 3 of 9 need 2 candy bars here, and in Quest Silver and bold 3 of 5 need 4 candy bars here have done each one several times but won't count them . Can someone help me please?


Is anyone having problems not getting credit for Izzy's 4-11 scents and sensibility when collecting strawberries from neighbors not reconizing I will never be able to complete if I can not collect 10 strawberries from neighbors. Also is there anyway to get the dragon head I missed and timed out with Quinns quest?


Hey, nothing to do with this post, but need some neighbours on castleville, so if you add me would be much appreciated! Dan Abdul Gibert, cheers :)


Is there anyone out there that can tell me why I CAN'T ADD FRIENDS or recruit people to help me with tasks?


Was wondering how long that would


It appears it is fixed, as Brian has said. Lasted a good while, but now back to working our butts off to finishing such simple things.


As of yesterday's update, the postpone button was removed from all quest windows. This means that this exploit is no longer possible.


This process isn't possible for me, as the quest givers do not allow you to "Postpone" the quests.
I'm currently level 15 and have quests from Izadora, Alastair, Yvette, and Quinn.

Just an FYI..


Worked very well. Weith first reading I did not pay attention to "worked well for Yvette's quest. Now I know whyn it did not work for the first Dark haired girl. She kept coming back. Now I know why, Thanks for the tip.


what quests work best?


Brilliant! I tried it last night and it worked on several of Yvette's. Boy, some of these would have been real tedious to try to do on my own. - Thank you for sharing.


i tried this, and i cant click yvette..theres no more quests?


click on the person to accept the quest again


Stupid question perhaps, but where does the quest go when it's postponed? Mine simply disappeared and there's no "quest log". Advice?


I just did it with A Bit Too Bullish, I think it was called, need to harvest more wheat - it worked!!


guess they fixed it. can someone else confirm this ??


I think their onto more postponing I see on the new quest


Thanx a lot... <3 <3 <3

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