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Light-bulbXP gains for baking cakes and serving

by Alienslilsis Nikkiandstewie Askmelol - Nov 29, 2011 Star_s650 views

right, ive been playing this for a while now, and ive got a book with all the cakes in it ( the ones i am able to make that is) ive noticed that just because your on level 57 and can now bake a cake or drink that takes 48 hrs to complete, does not mean it will give you more xp that a cake/drink that takes an hour! weird one this like the 'fluffy bunny cake' lvl 6 gives 106 xp for serving the batch but takes 2 days to complete where a lemon meringue lvl 52, takes half the time to cook ( 1 day) but has an xp value of 428 per batch served. so although it does take time to work through the levels, it might be of benefit to keep a record of the highest xp gainers as progression is made......same thing for baking life too folks...........and gourmet ranch lol.......oh dear, i think i have too much spare time lol happy baking...........alien:)

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