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Light-bulbGetting Ready For Holiday Hollow - Give Nettie a Gift

by Tonya Collins - Nov 30, 2011 Star_s1,940 views

Right now is also a good time to start sending candy canes from the free gifts page which will be the currency in Holiday Hollow! 


Bakers Delight
Tend 20 adult sheep
Craft Holiday Bakers Outfit
Watch Holiday Hollow Video
Reward: Large Red present, 300 xp , 300 coins

 Capturing The Town

Clear 10 Rocks on your homestead or neighbors
Harvest 20 Surgar Plums
Craft Snow Globe
Rewards: Large Blue Present 400 xp, 400 coins
(You will find the Holiday mantle inside the blue present which gives candy canes as a bonus)

 A Nutty Surprise
Chop pine trees 30 times
Harvest 20 peppermint Trees
Craft Nutcracker
Rewards: Large Green Present, Jumbo cane unlocked, 500 xp


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12-em-plus add reply

@Elisha, they just changed this yesterday so now you can get them from 2 chop trees as well as from pines on neighbor's homesteads!


I dont think its fair that the 'fine pine' items only come from large or extra large pine trees only on our homesteads... It takes FOREVER for pine trees to grow... I read ahead and planted them 4 days ago and they are still very small... Is there anyway it can be changed for neighbor's pine trees too????


I finally had to contact support last night. After 100 rocks or so you would have thought I would have gotten sand. Then the same thing on my homestead with the pine. Funny though, after support gave me what I needed they both started to show up like crazy! It's almost like they relased them missions before the items were set to drop.  


visited neighbor's for rocks to get sand and got nothing until 2 sand so its starting to show up...tried to get more because you need 4 but no luck...wonder if they only allow so many per day and only after visiting 18,000 neighbors......


Every time I visit it refresh's.Getting really tired of this game and glitch's.


I have visited about 15 and not a single Pure Grain Frown


I went to about 8 of my neighbors farms to clear rocks and got 4 pure grain...not a glitch


they would be the 7 and 8 chop pine trees you have on your place.  I went to neighbors and cleared rocks for the pure grain sand and didn't even get one drop, wonder if that is a glitch, it says your or your neighbors place.


where do you get L pine trees or XL pine trees ?


ty for sharing this information :)

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