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Light-bulbOne Click Change: Now Just Another Lame Auto Collector

by Troy Anderson - Dec 01, 2011 Star_s1,252 views

I chose to use GU (Gamers Unite) over other game reward collectors because it was simplified, efficient and easy to use. Open your browser, wait for your feed to update every minute, and click away. Easy, right?

Now, though, you have the option to choose the interval between collects. No longer will GU open 10 reward links at a time. Rather, you'll see one new window pop up which will refresh based on the value you have selected (5, 10, 15sec, etc.) At first I thought this might be a great change, but, after watching the collector work, I noticed that it didn't collect the newest rewards after the feed had refreshed after 60 seconds. It would just continue with the remaining rewards it had produced on the first scan of my news feed. The same as how Auto Collect Bonus Games and all the other lame auto collectors that are available work.

If the collector updated every time my feed refreshed, and continued to collect the newest reward links as they became available, it would have been the best reward collector available for Slotomania users. But this is not the case. Now it's no different from any of the other collectors available and, for the most part, now redundant. For me it now comes down to which collector is more convenient. Whether I decide to continue using GU remains to be seen.

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Let me know if you find one that works.

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