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Light-bulbPlease help! Trying to make Iron pick ???

by Linda Wicker - Dec 01, 2011 Star_s1,597 views

I have 2 blacksmith shops and 3 workshops. I need to make an iron pick which requires an iron bar.

The iron bar says "this item can be crafted after you build a blacksmith".

I don't get it?? The black smith buildings only produce nails, and do so automatically.. there is no option in them to build anything different like an iron bar.

Am I missing something???

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12-em-plus add reply

its maybe a 2% chance of getting Iron Ore. each mining attempt. (maybe less)

Mining gives Stone (100%) Silver (5%)? Iron Ore (2%)?


Finally figured it out.. the wording is tricky and misleading. It implies you are to craft the iron bar in the blacksmith shop. Also, you need ore to craft the bar.. which it says you get from collecting mining buildings. All I ever get from those is the white rocks. *scratch head*


Iron bar must also be a recipe in the workshop btw....


Blacksmith and other support buildings unlock recipes in the crafting buildings (workshop/kitchen/studio), which have a lock symbol until you build the corresponding support building. 'Iron pick' is buildable in your workshop, but only AFTER you have built the blacksmith.

The nails are a harvestable item, and the only thing you get from the blacksmith. The nails are only good for a few recipes.

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