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Light-bulbCastle Ville Cam Hack + Turbo Mode

by Xhapire Lord - Dec 02, 2011 Star_s24,730 views

New Hack for Cam & Speed Hack :

Video tutorial :

I'll update tutorial by images later and post to here, must gtg now.


Update 22/12/2011 : They patched this.

I got report from some people about this hack is not working anymore and then a few minute ago I checked CastleVille cam hack & speed hack and the result is... yes they patched it today.

Zynga changes their gameSettings.xml, from now this gameSettings.xml will not cached to your local disk, so if we use CastleVille Cam Hack & Speed Hack Version 2 you will cannot find the gameSettings.xml ( try clear your FireFox cache then load CastleVille then search in FireFox cache directory, can you found the gameSettings.xml ? me cannot ).

They overide the protection for this settings, I found this in Game.19792.swf ( 22/12/2011) :

public function populateVariables() : void
var _loc_1:XML = null;
if (this.m_xml)
GameObject.WALK_SPEED = Number(this.getAttribute("walkSpeed", 3.33));
GameObject.PLAYER_WALK_SPEED = Number(this.getAttribute("playerWalkSpeed", 3.33));
GameObject.NPC_WALK_SPEED = Number(this.getAttribute("NPCWalkSpeed", 3.33));

Player.MAX_COINS = uint(this.getAttribute("maxCoins", 5000000));
Player.MAX_REPUTATION = uint(this.getAttribute("maxReputation", 500));
Global.ClientSideValidation = this.getAttribute("ClientSideValidation", "false") == "true";
Global.ClientExceptionTransactionLimit = this.getAttribute("ClientExceptionTransactionLimit", Global.ClientExceptionTransactionLimit);
Expression.Exceptions = this.getAttribute("ZDScriptExceptions", "false") == "true";
LocalizedStringExpression.PseudoLoc = this.getAttribute("PseudoLoc", "false") == "true";
StateMachine.StateDurationScale = this.m_rawXml.state_machine_settings.attribute("state_duration_scale").toString() ? ([email protected]_duration_scale) : (1);
this.m_viewportSettings = new ViewportSettings(this.m_rawXml.viewport[0]);
LocalizedStringExpression.PushScope("Auto_gameSettings_base", GameSettingsInit.GetLocPrefix(this.m_rawXml.globals[0]));
for each (_loc_1 in

this.m_XMLScriptGlobals[[email protected]] = Expression.ParseString([email protected]());
new AutoRunManager(this.m_rawXml);
Context.Globals.Set("globals", this.m_XMLScriptGlobals);

But I think that protection is not a big problem.

So what we can do now ? are you still need this hack or not ? If you still need this hack just comment this post and then I'll try to search new way for this hack. Just tell me if you still need this.

Update 10/12/2011 : New guide video version 2

Here we go :

1. You need use Firefox not "pirepox" LOL hmm.. just kidding :p

2. A powerful text editor ( I am using EditRocket but this software is shareware but you still can use this with fully functionally on evaluation mode 30 days ) I really love this software :D Want to try ? get it here make sure you have java runtime installed on your pc.

3.Watch on HD for my video tutorial.

4. Open Firefox then click Castle Ville after loading finish, open new tab then type this "about:cache?device=disk" without quotes.

5. Press Ctrl + F then type in search box gameSettings.xml

6. Click the link contains text gameSettings.xml

7. Copy the path / address your cache folder for gameSettings.xml

8. Open Edit Rocket then click file then click open

9. Paste the path in text box Rocket Edit then press open button.

10. At line 3 search for : walkSpeed="8.33" playerWalkSpeed="8.33" edit this both value to "40"

11. Press Ctrl + F ( Search and Replace ) then type "zoom' in text search box

12. Click show found, then click the yellow arrow with text contains

13. Edit 0.75 to 0.45 then click file > save

14. Close Edit Rocket then reload Castle Ville

Note : Do not set value over than "43" for walkSpeed and playerWalkSpeed your gameSettings.xml will be back to original value or Castle Ville cannot be load.

Source :


This old trick already patched.

With this tips you can ease manage your castle design. Lot of fun your char can move quick act like the flash, I hope you enjoy this.

What you need ? Download this :

1. CC Clear this is freeware download here
2. Fiddler2 download here
3. XML File download here
Mediafire password is smileforeveryone
Rar password is

For step by step you can watch on video :), don't forget watch on HD. This is free !

Pick watch on youtube or dailymotion

Have fun and thanks.

Source :

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