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Light-bulbHoliday Hollow Missions and Guide

by Tonya Collins - Dec 07, 2011 Star_s7,901 views

*All information and pictures are from the Zynga Fourm, or my homestead. Please note that I am updating this as I go. If you feel there is something that needs to be added let me know.

You can build Holly's Sleigh now to get early access to Holiday Hollow. If you choose not to build the sleigh, you can wait til this weekend when Holiday Hollow will be available to everyone without the sleigh requirement. The Sleigh will give a daily bonus of candy canes.



Don't forget to collect lots of candy canes which will be needed in Holiday Hollow. We will also need a lot of "cheers" which is the energy that I'm sure we will need lots of! 

Some players may have missions appear in a different order depending on if your mission comes from Hank, Bess , or Flintlock.

You will be able to travel to Holiday Hollow by clicking the travel button on your map.

The Tree Trimmer
Clear 3 Holly Shrubs
Collect 2 Fir Wood
Reward: 1 Pinecone Ornament, 5 Candy Canes

After you complete the Tree Trimmer Mission you will be able to hire friends to help you out. The Tree Trimmer will help you collect Fir Wood, The Hall Decker will help you get decor and the Snow Slinger will help you salvage Gears.

The Snow Slinger
Clear 5 Snowbanks From In Front Of Buildings
Shovel Out 5 Snowy Logs
Reward: 5 Candy Canes

The Hall Decker
Relight 3 Lamps
Decorate 3 Fences
Reward: 1 Lamp Ornament, 5 Candy Canes, 1 Cheer Refill

Once you receive your second ornament Jack will tell you how to fix the Magical Tree in Holiday Hollow.

To start regrowing the magical tree you will need one pinecone ornament and one Lamp ornament. Then nettie will appear to let you know how many ornaments you need to completly regrow the tree. You will see a counter. Doing missions fro the folks of HOliday HOllow earns you magical ornaments whcih havet he power to regrow the magical tree in the center of town. Click the magical tree to upgrade it. Each upgrade requires specific magical ornaments that you'll earn from completing missions.



Missin Reindeer
Clear 10 Snowy Logs
Tend 15 Reindeer
Collect 7 Cocoa Milk
Reward: 1 Festive Lamp Post, 1 Reindeer Ornament, 10 Candy Canes

Deckin The Halls Part I
Repair 10 Decorated Fences
Place The Holiday Workshop On Yer Homestead
Make Sure At Least 4 Buildings Are Decked Out
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Tied Ribbon Ornament, 10 Candy Canes


Buildings: Clicking on Buildings will prompt you to deck them out. You will get a promt for each buidling telling you what you need to fix them up.




Holiday Work Shop
Now its time to travel back to your homestead to place your workshop. You will need to collect 10 bent nails, 10 rusty screws, 10 chipped boards, 15 torn sandpaper, 15 dull saws, 15 dusty hooks.


Placing the workshop will spawn the repeatable missions. 

Repeatable missions:
There are 3 repeatable missions available that can be found while in holiday Hollow as well as on your homestead. They are Not Required but by completing them in a certain amount of time you will earn more prizes. They will spawn from one of two things: completing the workshop or finishing the depending on what you complete first.




A Flood O Cocoa
Collect 40 Gears
Collect 50 Cocoa Milk
Collect 150 Candy Canes
Reward: 1 Big Present, 10 Cheer, 500XP

Cookie Chaos
Collect 50 Fir Wood
Ask Yer Friends For 20 Cookie Dough
Collect 150 Candy Canes
Reward: 1 Big Present, 10 Cheer, 500XP

Squad O Snowmen
Repair 50 Melted Snowmen
Ask Yer Friends For 20 Snowman Caps
Collect 150 Candy Canes
Reward: 1 Big Present, 10 Cheer, 500XP


Warmin Em Up
Collect 10 Gears
Collect 10 Decor
Collect 12 Cocoa Milk
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Hot Cocoa Ornament, 10 Candy Canes

Sleds An Bears
Craft 3 Sleds At The Toy Shop
Craft 3 Teddy Bears At The Toy Shop
Craft 6 Gift Wraps At The Toy Shop
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Teddy Bear Ornament, 10 Candy Canes



Savin Snowmen
Repair 25 Snowmen
Shovel 15 Snowy Logs
Make Sure The Holiday Clock Tower Is Repaired
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Snowman Ornament, 15 Candy Canes



Girls N Dolls
Craft 5 Ragdolls At The Toy Shop
Craft 5 Doll Cribs At The Toy Shop
Craft 10 Gift Wraps At The Toy Shop
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Doll Ornament, 15 Candy Canes




Arts An Crafts
Craft 6 Paintbrushes At The Toy Shop
Craft 6 Paintin' Canvases At The Toy Shop
Craft 6 Gift Wraps At The Toy Shop
Reward: 1 Big PResent, 1 Paintbrush Ornament, 15 Candy Canes




Feedin The Reindeer
Harvest 20 Gumdrop Crops On Yer Homestead
Harvest 20 Sugar Plum Crops On Yer Homestead
Clear 10 Snowy Logs
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Gumdrop Ornament, 20 Candy Canes

Lil' Mad Scientists
Craft 7 Science Kites At The Toy Shop
Craft 7 Zappin' Keys At The Toy Shop
Craft 7 Gift Wraps At The Toy Shop
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Key Ornament, 20 Candy Canes




Music Box For Beatrice
Craft 1 Repaired Music Box At The Holiday Workshop
Craft 1 Giftwrap At The Toy Shop
Collect 15 Cocoa Milk
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Music Box Ornament, 25 Candy Canes




Frontier Action Figures
Craft 10 Tin S oliders At The Toy Shop
Craft 10 Model Ships At The Toy Shop
Craft 20 Gift Wraps At The Toy Shop
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Tin Soldier Ornament, 25 Candy Canes




Pile It High
Collect 30 Fir Wood
Clear 15 Holly Shrubs
Clear 15 Snowy Pinecones
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Yule Log Ornament, 15 Candy Canes

Newfound Friend
Collect 50 Fir Wood
Collect 50 Gears
Craft 25 Gift Wrap
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Yeti Head Ornament, 30 Candy Canes

Chimney Troubles
Collect 30 Fir Wood
Clear 10 Decor Scrap
Finish The Holiday Workshop On Yer Homestead
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Chimney Ornament, 20 Candy Canes

Deckin The Halls Part II
Repair 10 Decorated Fences
Clear 10 Decor Scraps
Make Sure At Least 14 Buildings Are Decked Out
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Bow Ornament, 20 Candy Canes

Pocketwatch For Benjamin
Craft 1 Repaired Pocket Watch At The Holiday Workshop
Craft 1 Giftwrap At The Toy Shop
Collect 15 Cocoa Milk
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Pocketwatch Ornament, 25 Candy Canes



A Wreath O Green
Clear 20 Holly Shrubs
Collect 10 Decor
Collect 50 Fir Wood
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Wreath Ornament, 25 Candy Canes

Deckin The Halls Part III
Make Sure All Buildings In Town Are Decked Out
Decorate 50 Fences
Finish The Sleigh On Your Homestead
Reward: 1 Big Present, 1 Stocking Ornament, 30 Candy Canes



We will also have a new crop, the gum drop, and 2 new collections:




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12-em-plus add reply

I finally finish all these missions and Yet but immediately repeated I and now I am stuck on II again. I did not request them... Please help. I am sure don't want to do this anymore... It seems like I have been doing them for a month... How can I get rid on it on my Mission Manager? Thanks.


Right - I am officially giving up all of these missions - too hard even for a daily player like me. I think I may even look for another game altogether!


I agree with all the post's on here ... there is WAY too much to do in WAY too little time. Trying to get all those gears is ... well ... impossible. Some of us have to work and will never finish half of these missions. It is a pity as I love playing this game but with the glitches I have encountered and not having the TONS of materials needed ... well let's just say BAH HUMBUG !!
Oh ... and I too have never been able to request gears, decorations etc. So by the time the developers get back from there holiday we will all be bald from pulling out our hair ... lol
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone :)


I think Zynga is losing players of this game because the goal isn't attainable. Why doesn't the request decor button wok?


@Kelly, I have the same problem.
@ Ann, totally agree


Holiday Hollow is NO fun! I hate repeatable missions to begin with but having to get literally hundreds of each item (gears especially!) is boring! Enough already! I have no intention of completing Holiday Hollow!


I am having a problem getting the decors because the request button doesn't work. I've been trying it repeatedly since I first got into the hollow, but it has not worked yet so I haven't been able to request them from my friends. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?


The fastest way to get gears is to visit your jobs and post to the wall for gears on each visit. I seem to get a lot more this way then by doing any tasks in Hollow.


Ana, If you have a dog that is able to herd you can use him to make cocao cow ready to harvest . After you collect from the cow you have to refresh the game to do it again.


Wow, this time Zynga is not making this fun... It's frustrating needing so many cocoa milks, decors, etc... BTW, I did get a cocoa cow in one of my big presents but it takes 10 hours to feed. Is there a tip on how to get gears fast? You don't get one everytime you harvest the gear items... Again, taking forever.


i am sure i am up to date or ahead as much as anyone and am on task 9 of the tree. Heres the issue with the statues once you make the soldiers you then 20 decor each to make 10 (Yes 200 decor) before you even get to the 150 for the ships plus the million gears etc. No-one will finish this by Xmas.


I have looked at this several times and can't figure out why we are crafting a chimney brush, or for what mission, am I missing it, you don't seem to have this page at all on this post.


@Amber, the candy canes are used in the repeatalbe missions (the ones with the gingerbread icon). Each missions takes 150 candy canes and need to be repeated 5 times each in order to earn all the prized in the prize avalaunche. You can view your progress by clicking on "prizes" at the bottom of your game.  


i didn't get a cocoa cow in my big presents :(

also - what are the candy canes FOR? you can't buy anything with them, they aren't used in goals?


When collecting coca milk beware. I have lost 43 cocoa milks the first time around; game crashed and when it came back up cocoa milk dropped from 65 to 22. The second time doing this mission, the same thing crashed, refreshed and back down to 22 again. You do get one cocoa cow in the big presents that you receive which are placed in your homestead inventory. Good luck.


Thank you Tonya


@ana, unfortunatley this isn't an easy task and the cows are not available in the maret. I don't know if you can get any from the presents but so far I haven't. There have been tons of complaints so maybe Zynga will add the cows or atleast let the milk pop up when visiting.


Right but I have not even finished that first one. I need the chocolate milks. Is there a way to get them faster or get more cows? thanks.


Will will actually use a lot of gears a long the way. The first repeatable mission takes 40 and they are required in a lot of the other missions for crafting as well.


I noticed these missions don't required gears but somehow I keep losing my gears. I was up to 35 and now I am down to 17. Any feedback? Alo I also see some of my neighbors asking for more gears, fir wood and decorations(wreath) I don't have that choice either.

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