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Question-whiteHow do I know how many stars I have?

by Laurie Beovich Wandell - Dec 08, 2011 Star_s2,601 views

I don't see anywhere that tells me how many stars I have...I see the 3 stars at the levels but I keep earning stars but I have no clue how many...I saw a post somewhere that said there was a meter? I only see the meter thing when I'm getting points. The only other thing I see says 26/345....it doesn't change.

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12-em-plus add reply

The Stars added in the lower left corner are added when you get new Stars. In other words, they don't add up if you get 2 Stars on a level where you already have 2 Stars.


I am having the same problem, I keep getting stars and it stop adding them in the lower right had corner.
I hope we get an answer.


The white meter at the bottom right corner has 3 lines. When the white bar passes the 1st line, you have one start, when the white bar passes the 2nd line, you have 2 stars and of course when the white bar passes the 3rd line, you now have 3 stars.


I think your star count is in the bottom right corner

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