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Light-bulbIF YOUR SNAG BAR PAGE IS NOT LOADING (simple fixes) - Please Read

by Michael Cullen - May 28, 2010 Star_s406 views

-If you are recieving an error message that reads; "The page at says: Unfortunally you are using the old snag bar. Please uninstall this one and re-install the new one" them proceed to click the 2nd URL below.

-If you have uninstalled the old snag bar and re-installed the new snag bar and CAN NOT access your snagged items page or see a message that says "Checking..Checking if toolbar is installed to access items" box please follow these easy steps.
Go to your FB page>Go to account link (upper right hand corner last link)>Click it and go to "Account Settings">REMOVE Gamers Unite>Hit Snag>When it brings you to the GU Website sign in and allow permissions and this SHOULD fix the problem.

If you are still having problems please copy and paste the first URL below and proceed to follow instructions:

Hope this helps.

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