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Light-bulbHotShot Unlimited Ball Trainer

by Xhapire Lord - Dec 10, 2011 Star_s3,909 views

Update 17/12/2011

New Trainer+5

Update : 15/12/2011

HotShot's gameplay is basically a clone of Peggle's but this one is free to play.
HotShot is a fun game, but I think with this trainer will be more fun. lol

This trainer for HotShot game version 24

For Video Click Here

You must using Firefox because this trainer will inject code to plugin container.
Here this step by step how to apply this trainer as on my movie :

1. Use Firefox
2. Wait HotShot until fully loaded
3. Open the trainer
4. After HotShot fully loaded click the trainer then press alt + 1
5. If injection succesful, text label on trainer become red.
6. You're done. Click play.

Download here : HotShot Trainer Game version 24
Media Fire Password :
Zip file password :

HotShotV24_Xhapire.exe MD5 : 57a513a53421eb62c6d63cca281bde59 MD5 : 3253270f57082dd22a49ccf5ac5c0238

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12-em-plus add reply

This did not work for me. :(

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