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Light-bulbCritter falls glitch

by Teobaldo Cruz - Dec 11, 2011 Star_s197 views

Ok guys so, I was just playing with my friends in Wild Ones and I stumbled upon a cool glitch on the Critter falls stage. Ok so heres what you do, join a Critter Falls stage game and just start.... Then throw a grapple hook up at the floating island and try to get it to hit the left of the tree. (Only works if your shooting the grapple hook from the right to the left :P) Once you already have your grapple hook positioned well, move towards it but try to leave a bit of space so that your person isnt touching this island (floating). Then throw a teleporter the highest point on the left side and if you do this correctly, your person will be grappled onto the sky and you can swing around the entire arena! Any concerns just comment.

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