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Question-whiteHow Do I Unlock Achievements

by Ed Allen - Dec 11, 2011 Star_s22,451 views

I,ve read other posts on this topic however they do not answer the obvious question. I have been playing slotmania for 2 months and all my achievements are still locked. Please do not tell me how to achieve them as that seems obvious. My question is how do I unlock them so I can achieve them.

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I use both Firefox and Google Chrome to play, but in neither browser do I see a bar above the "Game," "Buy Coins," etc. tabs. I do see the black kitty to the right above the lobby. Am I looking in the wrong place to see the status of achievements unlocked? Thanks for any help you can provide. I'm currently on level 37, if that helps any. Thanks


I clicked on the icon to show my achievements and scrolled to the bottom to see the locked ones. I click on the locked ones and slotmania reloaded my screen. One was that I play Reel Friends which I have done previously. When I played it again, my achievement was unlocked :) So now I am going to go back and try to get them all. I was stuck on 13 or at 16 or 72 just by playing Reel Friends :) Good Luck all.


Yup as I said previously as well that was the trick for me. I installed google chrome, switched to using that as the browser that I play slotomania in (and quit using internet explorer) and the problem was resolved. Hope it works for everyone else too as I know it can be frustrating when you're playing and yet you're not unlocking achievements you know you've reached.

have fun everyone!


Hello to all - All we need to do is install google chrome and use the browser for the game, achievements start popping up!! My brother and I are both doing it and it works!


hmmm that happened to me when I was using Internet Explorer as my browser. I switched to Google Chrome and then the achievements showed on the top right menu bar and started adding up. If you're already using Google Chrome I'm not sure what else to suggest?


I am on level 205 and have played every game in Slotomania, completing 5 in a row etc. I still cannot unlock most of the achievements. I have earned 16 of 72 achievements in Slotomania. Any ideas ?????


Me too. Got the kitty but still cannot unlock. Does anyone know what to do?


thanks lori
My kitty is showing but my achievements are still locked.


It took me awhile to figure out how to unlock the achievements but I finally did and have now completed all 72. If you look above the game (above the tabs that say Game, Buy Coins, Earn Coins etc... There is a bar and shows the tasks you've completed and still need to completed before you unlock the little box shown. For instance it says
-Game Installed (checkmark)
-bookmark added (check)
-you like this game (check)
-email registered (check)
-publish (is not checked and the task bar shows 80% completed). If you click "publish" (right above the key) you unlock the box and a kitty will appear where the locked box once was. Now you have to go through the games one by one and start collecting achievements. :)
(You may have to do more than just publish such as register your email, "like" the game etc.. but that task bar will advise you what you need to do to unlock the achievement feature)

And yes if you get 5 of a kind while on free spins it counts eventhough you can't publish the post to share for your friends.(this was something I had wondered myself so I fingured I'd answer it should the question arise for you)

Hope I answered your question. it took me awhile to figure out. Now my question is what do you accomplish by unlocking all the achievements? Is there some kind of reward? Or is it just for "bragging rights"? per se?

Does anyone know where I can find a chart or something that shows how many points you collect every 4 hours based on your level? I'm wondering if this increases if you have more friends? My dad just passes Level 91 his hourly bonus hasnt increased since reaching level 80 but he doesnt' have many friends that play the game. Whereas I'm over Level 350 and have lots of friends that play and I'm sure my hourly bonus increased more frequently than his? Just curious...

have fun!


I guess John does not understand... I am at level 42 have 500,000 coins... have played every game, bonus and 5lined every game and yet all my acheivements are still locked... so I'll just keep playing and forget about the rest of you knowing I've acheived all the LOCKED ones ..lololol gl fellow gamers..


I too am a level 40 and cannot unlock achievements. It's really frustrating. I have done the bonus games, gotten 5 in a row, played every unlocked game ect ect ect....can someone please help???


Answer to John Wallace...STOP REPEATING THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! We know HOW to play the game and we know WHAT TO DO to unlock the achievements!!! The problem is that while we do achieve what we supposed to achieve, the achievements stays locked…It’s not that we do not know how to play the game. The problem is that there is a problem with the game itself and does not unlock the achievements to all players….HOPE THIS TIME YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!


Which means when you UNLOCK each achievement the way I just explained below you not only UNLOCK it but you also Get that achievement.


No it is not possible to be a level 93 with no achievements That would mean you have spent a LOT of coins and never got any 5 in a rows no bonus rounds nothing just spent a whole lot of coins and NEVER WON. I explained it very clearly the achievements are UNLOCKED and ACHIEVED by 1...Playing the game.....2.....getting 5 in a row and 3...getting a bonus round....How much more simple can I be about it. IF YOU GO TO EACH GAME ONE BY ONE AND PLAY THEM YOU WILL UNLOCK THE FIRST ACHIEVEMENT FOR THAT GAME THEN WHILE PLAYING THE SAME GAME YOU GET A 5 IN A ROW YOU WILL UNLOCK ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT THEN WHILE PLAYING THE SAME GAME BY GETTING INTO THE BONUS ROUND. THAT MEANS 3 ACHIEVEMENTS ARE UNLOCKED AND ACHIEVED BY PLAYING EACH GAME. Say you play farm fortune for the first time...Boom you unlocked an achieved and achievement then while playing farm fortune you got 5 in a row...Boom unlocked and got another achievement...then while still playing farm fortune you got into the bonus round..Boom you got the 3rd achievement for that I stated before ....IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE A LEVEL 93 without achieving ANY achievements because you would have to at least play one game which mean you would get an achievement for and unlock it.


Thanks John.... but you did not read the question.... you answered how to acheive them, which as I stated seems obvious... my question however was not how to acheive them , but how to UNLOCK them... and yes it is possible to be 93 with no acheivements if they are still locked.


If you have read any post regarding this you would plainly see that there was 69 achievements and there are now 72 with the new Santa mania game. You earn an achievement for
1.playing the game
2.getting a bonus round and
3.getting 5 in a row.

3 Achievements per game. with all games combined that is a total of 72.

As to reply to Keith's post I do not know how it is possible that you are a level 93 and have no achievements I'm a level 71 and have 62 of 72 achievements....You get 1 achievement for every game you play so say for go to each of the games one by one starting with farm fortune..spins once then go back to lobby (That will give you an achievement) just for playing the game.


same here, your not alone, im on level 93 and ive unlocked 0 0f 73 achievements. just ignore it i guess, must work for some people but not all, a glitch maybe?

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