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Light-bulbSims Social: Claim your free Plants vs Zombies Sunflower

by Lyndon Joshiah Dy Buco - Dec 12, 2011 Star_s1,005 views

Among the free Social Points, Simoleons and SimCash given away by Playfish on the Sims Social fan page on Facebook, you can occasionally find the rare, exclusive treasure. Sure, Social Points and SimCash are definitely appreciated, but when it comes to cross-promotions between the Sims Social and Playfish's Plants vs Zombies, well, that's something a bit more special.

For a limited time, you can now claim a Sunflower from Plants vs Zombies for use in your own home as a decoration. If you've spotted this Sunflower hanging around Bella's House when you visit her, you can now claim one for yourself by clicking on this link right here. This link is universal, so anyone can click on it, but you can only do so once (unfortunately). Believe me, I'd love to have an army of Sunflowers lining my garden as well (for the inevitable zombie apocalypse), but hopefully this one will be able to offer enough sunshine to last us a short while, at least until we can dig out the heavy artillery - shotguns and the like. Have I thought too far into this? Probably.

All I know for sure is that this plant is awesome, and Plants vs Zombies is awesome, and you should definitely claim a Sunflower for your house! Just make to do so fast - there's no telling when the link will become inactive, taking your chance at a free Sunflower right along with it!

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