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Light-bulbThe Sims Social – 900 Simoleons and 600 Social Points For Free!

by Lyndon Joshiah Dy Buco - Dec 12, 2011 Star_s8,503 views

Just two little days have passed since we last shared some free Simoleons and today we are doing it once again! What is more we have soem free Social Points too! Christmas is the time when money are being spend easily so don’t hesitate to get 900 Simoleons and 100 Social Points absolutely for free!

The Sims Social – 800 Simoleons For Free!

The Sims Social – 100 Simoleons For Free!

The Sims Social – 100 Social Points For Free!

Click it!

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12-em-plus add reply

seems every single link is either expired or they want u to jump up and down spin 3 times point in the air run in circles and u still dont get nothing and those fan pages u supposed to post on forget it some r blocked from typing anything to the wall pointless to have these links if no one is gonna be right about it so all u scammers jump off a bridge


all are expired! :(

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