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Light-bulbCastleVille Quest Guide: Rafael

by Li Ku - Dec 13, 2011 Star_s4,661 views

Stuck on Rafael quest? Don't Worry! Get Castleville Quest: Rafael guide and tips here 》》

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12-em-plus add reply

rafael romantic garden quest always gives me error when im going to finish buying the 4 rivers,it always refresh and start the quest again


Hi - did you find any solution for your problem?- becouse I have the same....


Hi All, My problem is that Rafael stopped giving me quests at least a week ago, so I can't escape Sonia. I'm not sure about the"Fear and Loathing"quest, but I'm certain that I never had the next, 'Woo Who?' quest (as I don't have a table). I don't think that this would be an issue with levelling up, as I'm level 16 at the moment, escaped Izadora, nearly finished the Great Hall. Rafael keeps giving the 'I need grape juice, etc. quests, but nothing else (I completed some of those as well) Any ideas?

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