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Light-bulbI think I MAY have solved the issue with the snag bar

by Jennifer Puckett-Olivier - Dec 13, 2011 Star_s30 views

After racking my brain in trying to figure out why my snag bar isn't grabbing things, I finally tried a last resort. Since Farmville was my culprit of barely any snags, I removed the app via facebook and then went back to the page to get it added back on to my apps. I turned on the snagbar, and VIOLA! It seems to be snagging a lot more than what it had been. It may not work for all, but trying to remove the app and re-adding it seemed to make it work alot better than what it did. Hope it helps!

Edit: I have it snagging, but it seems like it's snagging older stuff instead of the newer!

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