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Light-bulbMissing Calves and Foals from Farmville Snag List

by Scott Jones - Dec 14, 2011 Star_s213 views

Hi guys!

First let me say that I truly do love the SnagBar! It's an amazing time saver!

That said, I have noticed that the foals and calves are missing a few items....

Missing Foals:

Black Gypsy Foal
Black Percheron Foal
Fire Skeleton Foal
Frosty Mini Foal
Golden Bell Pony Foal
Holiday Tinsel Unicorn Foal
Holiday Wreath Pony Foal
Maple Pegasus Foal
New Forest Pony Foal
Nightmare Blue Unicorn Foal
Nightmare Mini Foal
Plush Foal
Silver Bell Foal
Snowflake Mini Foal
Tinsel Pony Foal
White Arabian Foal

Also, Pink Unicorn Foal and Purple Pony Foal are both listed twice - are there 2 varieties, or is this just an error?

Missing Calves:

Caroling Calf
Cornucopia Calf
Dragonfly Calf
Holiday 2011/Holiday 2010 (Both are Holiday Calf in game, but only one on the snag list)
Holday Lights Calf
Holiday Top Hat Calf
Holstein Bull Calf
Milky Calf
Plush Calf
Randall Calf
Red Devon Ox Calf
Santa Calf
Snow Blading Calf
Snowflake Calf
Sports Fan Calf
Telemark Calf

I hope this helps, as it would be a shame for people without the great friends/neighbors I have to miss out on these cute little critters.

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