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Light-bulbHow To Make More Than 10,000 A Day In Castle Ville

by BJ Usher - Dec 18, 2011 Star_s3,599 views

For this all you need is three things

River and or pond

Plots (25) or more the higher the level

And Flaxs

Now first youl need to clear some space on your farm so you can have space for plots and water. second place the the 25 plots out in a line each containing five and make sure thaey have space on the side of them. Now in the spaces place the rivers. Now the plants should now grow instead of 30min into only 15min. This means every 15 minutes youll make 2,500 coins if you add that up (besides the wait for energy) you should do this around 5 times a day witch makes 12,500.

For tips on how to get easy power look up my other post.

Thank you Cyber

If confused write in comments and i will respond

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