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Light-bulbitems in the snag bar are not updated

by Chrissy Moore - Dec 21, 2011 Star_s101 views

Items for the Winter Wonderland are not on the snag bar as options to snag. None of the new quests (i.e. the stockings quests/chapter 3) are not added. I would also like the stocking stuffers to be added. Additional information from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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12-em-plus add reply

I was wondering about the stocking stuffers too.. They're a big item so I cant see why it wasn't being added to the list?


I agree. We need quest items, stuff for the hearth, mill items, plus naughty or nice rewards, which go VERY quickly.

What's up, guys? I know things are changing really quickly, but you need to keep up!!! It seems as if someone's been asleep at the switch since Thanksgiving or so - the Twelve Days of Christmas items don't get updated until halfway through the next day!

It's unacceptable. Get with the program!!!



we need to be snagging stocking stuffer s those prizes come and go so fast


I'm also wondering about the new items not being added to the Snag Bar yet. I hope the person (or people) that adds items (and everyone else at Gamers Unite) is okay.


I agree- what about feed mill items? Stocking stuffers and their prizes? i work and it's hard to get items from the feed, given the facebook problems so messed up. And it seems like they could take off the halloween items and things that no longer exist.

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