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Light-bulbHoarding items with the snag bar

by Shane Ventura - Dec 21, 2011 Star_s153 views

I think that the problem most people have with those of using the snag bar is hoarding. Taking animals and items that we really don't need just because we can. It really isn't fair to those that truly want a calf or a particular tree and we are taking it only to sell it out of our gift box.

I have my snag bar set to take things that I truly need like building materials. I don't load my farm with hundreds of calves and foals and other animals. I think it's silly and kind of stupid when i got a farm that has wall to wall horses, or cows with absolutly no empty space. what's the point?

I make it a point to only take what I need. For instance if I get a rare tree I put it in an orchard and take it off the list of trees that I snag. I then fill my orchard with seedlings I get from it. I'm in no hurry to fill it and there is no sense in being greedy.

what is your opinion on the matter?

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12-em-plus add reply

I completely agree with you, Shane. If it's something I don't need, it's not selected in my snag bar list.


this is a good conversation, i enjoy reading the responses i've gotten. lets keep it going!


I agree..hoarders take regardless...U should take on waht u need and not clutter ur farms..I share my extras if any...When people gift me, I share it immediately so they can claim it again....If my neighbors need assistane, I assist and purchase from their crop market and purchase goods to help them....Everyone this is a game and we should work together


I only use it for a few things as well..I would really like it if we could set a limit to what we snag as well. For example tell the Snag Bar I only need 4 nails and having it stop at the 4 instead of getting a heap of them and feeling bad for it. Ive been dumped by a few neighbours cause they think I use the snag bar to snag every little thing, but if they really looked around any of my farms they would see Im not a collector of anything.


Yea really is no point to taking stuff you do not need. Chances are it's not going to net you many coins when you sell them. There are better ways to make coins. I regift any items I can. I wish they would let us gift anything we want and as much as we want but I guess thats not going to happen. Decorations from these quests are the worst. They pile up. 

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